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petrolio - acquamarina - basso.jpg
Ø 45cm H 40cm
puff comunicato stampa_Tavola disegno 1_
by Michela Genghini
PUFFMILANO was born from the passion for the pouf, a piece of furniture that enhances home interiors and introduces a note of color and elegance.
The PUFFMILANO collection consists of two models, Rolando and Romeo, different in size, that can be used as a dining or lounge seat, as a coffee table, bedside table or simple support point.
They are created in an elegant palette of velvets with a contemporary taste and refined colors that allow a chromatic play thanks to the border made with contrasting shades. The detail and raised stitching give them a precious note, while the velvet surface of the poufs reflect the light, enhancing the style of each environment in a unique way.
The PUFFMILANO collection, designed by Michela Genghini and made by Italian artisans, stands out for the sartorial quality of the workmanship, the quality of the materials and the elegance of the design.
petrolio - acquamarina.jpg
Ø 35cm H 45cm
IMG_20181025_110955 (1).jpg
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